Welcome to Wilson's Country Creations!


Celebrating 39 remarkable years, Wilson’s Country Creations, Inc. skillfully crafts quality decorative statuary in Holmes County, Ohio.

Our enduring statuary, made in America, stands as a testament to our commitment to lasting quality̶a cornerstone of our enduring partnerships.

In our journey, customers like you have been the heartbeat of our success. As of September 2022, with over 71 million households embracing gardening, we appreciate the role our statuary plays in enhancing homes and gardens without the need for watering or maintenance. Wilson’s diverse pieces cater to various tastes, turning spaces into living works of art.

From our humble beginnings with Tom, Regina, Ted, and Risa, our family has expanded to include the enthusiasm of the next generation, transforming Wilson’s into a thriving three-generation family business.

As a beacon of reliability, we echo the sentiment: "People want the confidence of dealing with someone they can trust and know will be around when needed." That’s us!

As the 2024 Spring season approaches, envision your store adorned with our timeless statuary, captivating buyers eager to enhance their outdoor spaces. Having completed 38 years, we express our gratitude and eagerly anticipate partnering with you once again in the upcoming season.

Wilson's Country Creations has over 1,500 unique selections of statuary to choose from, we're certain to have what you are looking for. Our decorative concrete statuary is suitable for indoor or outdoor display to complement lawn or home decor.  Walk-ins are welcome, however a phone call would allow us to have a staff member available to better serve you.

You can visit our plant in Killbuck, Ohio to see the new pieces for 2024. Talk with Tom, Regina, Ted or Risa to set up an appointment.

To find the Wilson's statuary retailer nearest you, call: (330) 377-4190

Because of weight and other factors; Wilson’s is unable to ship statuary thru the United States Postal Service, UPS, or FedEx.