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Order a complete catalog and information packet.

This includes pictures of the pieces of statuary that Wilson's manufacture. If you order online, you should receive your catalog in 7 to 10 business days. If you order through the mail, we ship the catalog as soon as your check has cleared.

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Wilson's County Creations Inc.
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You can download or view the catalog in PDF on the Products page.


Facts about Wilson's Statuary

  • Wilson's Decorative Concrete Statuary is designed for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Wilson's manufacture many copyright originals as well as statuary pieces that have been in the public domain for decades.
  • Concrete is durable when well made, but not indestructible.
  • To minimize breakage, we use reinforcements where necessary.
  • Fountain bowls, birdbath tops, and planter interiors must be drained and covered if left outdoors during winter and periods of freeze in order to avoid cracking and other damage.
  • We carefully hand-finish most pieces to give a uniform look to our statuary; however, because of the nature of concrete, subtle variations, markings, or shadings may be present.
  • With reasonable care, our statuary should give many years of pleasure and performance.


How to Find Wilson's Country Creations

Store Location - Google Map: 

13248 County Road 6 Killbuck, OH 44637